Action Jackson Returns

•August 6, 2011 • Leave a Comment

Ladies and Gentelmens- Action Jackson Returns.


Did you ask me who is Action Jackson?

It was a film made in 1988 starring Carl weathers and Vanity. The storyline is simple- a tough cop is on the trail of an auto magnate who eliminates competition in the most un- businessman like way. Sounds interesting?

I use the term for all the ubiquitous principle characters in today’s Bollywood movies- Wanted, Ready, Dabaang, Singham and so many more still in the pipeline. They are quite similar to the film made in 1988- used- re used and over used stories, card board characters, dhink-a-chika songs, dhin chak action, poor jokes after every dialogue,  and paisa vasool entertainment for the aam junta.

I got the inspiration to write this blog as I sat and watched “Ready”.

At the turn of the new millennia, the film lover in me had said a silent prayer- May the coming years herald a new era for Indian cinema.”

11 years later, my prayer has changed. It is now- “ I don’t want to see movies made in the 80s again. I don’t want to see “south Indian films” being made, re made and re re made into bollywood blockbusters. Somebody up there and down here – please stop this non sense.”

Back in the 80s, films like Himmatwala, Justice Choudhary, Aakhri Adalat and a lot of other films shared what was in common with all the Readys, Dabaangs, Singhams of today. The worst part is, I see grown ups on social networking and other public forums praising these films to glory.

I want to see good meaningful films. I want to see more of “jaane bhi do yaaro” “udaan”, “swades”, “Rang de Basanti”, ‘Munnabhai”, “ 3 Idiots” etc. I want to see an Indian film that inspires me to dream ( ala The Shawshank redemption”) that keeps me on the edge of my seat ( ala ‘the usual suspects”), that gives me memorable quotes to remember ( Ala the Dark Knight). I want to see good, memorable films- that grow on me, that stop being just films and become an experience for me. For such films, I wouldn’t mind shelling out 500 bucks just to sit on the front seat.

I hope the film makers responsible for making such money spinning action jacksons read this blog and think of me and countless others who go the theatres to have an experience that lasts for a lifetime.