The Rise to Glory

Disclaimer- This is not a review of the “ The Dark Knight Rises”. Such a brilliant piece of cinema can never be reviewed. It can only be revered. The following is my homage to the genius- Chris Nolan.

The Rise to Glory

Batman Begins- Exciting. The Dark Knight-Brilliant.

What can be better than brilliant?

A film that’s huge in terms of scale, performance and gadgets. A masterpiece called as ““ The Dark Knight Rises”.

Before I begin, let’s understand one thing. “The joker” is the only enigmatic villain in the Batman franchisee. Bane is nowhere close to him. Heath Ledger, as the Joker, has set a benchmark, which only a few can live up to. And Tom Hardy isn’t one of them. Long story short, comparing the Dark Knight rises to it’s prequel, is a waste.

Coming to the The Dark Knight Rises. It puts you on the edge of your seat. You let out whoops of joy when Batman fights Bane with his cool gadgets. You feel Batman’s victory when he rises from the ashes. And, you don’t see the twist in the plot till it’s revealed to you. That’s the visual spectacle director Chris Nolan creates for you.

The plot is simple. Bane, is a terrorist, who is determined to destroy Gotham city. Batman, comes out of a self imposed exile to save his city. He fails. Miserably. And as it seems all is lost, Batman rises. For the last time.

The Dark Knight Rises is not as layered as it’s prequel. But, the details in each character are still beautifully etched. Every emotion is conveyed in the most subtle way. The performances are brilliant. The action sequences – brilliantly executed. The Visual effects- mind-blowing.

All in all, it does for you what most Hollywood flicks are not able to do- convince you to relive the experience- again.


~ by Shreeraj on July 23, 2012.

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