The BadAss Spidey


Movie- The Amazing Spiderman
Rating- 4/5

When I saw the initial teasers of this flick, I was a little skeptical. How can the spidey story be any better than the one helm ed by Sam Raimi?Who can be a better spidey than Tobey Mcguire?And what can be better than the spidey cam swinging over the city ?Tobey Mcguire epitomized Peter Parker- a whiny, nerdy character who is used to being bullied around, who could never ask the girl of his dreams out for a date and who became a force to reckon with as the friendly neighborhood you-know-who.

These were the apprehensions I had, as I sat and waited for the revelations in the Amazing  Spiderman.

Within the first 15 min of the flick, my apprehensions were shattered.

The plot line is similar to the 1st spidey flick- teenage boy gets bitten by a spider, boy gets powers, boy becomes a vigilante/ crusader. It’s here that the similarities end. Peter Parker( Andrew Garfield) is no more a whiny, nerdy character- but, a scientific genius with an attitude. When bullied, Peter doesn’t wallow in self pity, but he fights back- even if he gets beaten for it. Uncle Ben( Martin Sheen) does not philosophize Peter about power and responsibility and Aunt May(Sally Field ) is not a white haired old lady with a benign smile pasted on her face. Mary Jane has been replaced by Gwen Stacy(Emma stone) . The chemistry between Gwen and Peter, sparkles, to say the least.

Andrew Garfiled adds a new dimension to Peter’s character by giving him a never seen before attitude. Here, Peter likes Gwen, and doesn’t hesitate in using his spidey skills to kiss her. This time on, when Spidey swings around in the city, he doesn’t just jump from one building to another- he does it in style. And it’s all of this, that adds the much needed zing to the dying Spiderman franchisee.

The spidey jumps are brilliant to say the least and deserve to be watched in 3D and the effects have been brilliantly executed.

The only snag is the absence of a plot.

All in all, a brilliantly executed flick with lots of panache that will be enjoyed by kids and adults. If you are a die hard spidey loyalist, go for this flick without any apprehensions, and, you just might like it.


~ by Shreeraj on July 1, 2012.

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