Unit, Core, Country, God

31st August 2011

Today is just another lazy holiday in my life. I get up at my own time, do my morning ablutions at my own pace and get my dose of the daily newspaper by reading every insignificant news item in it. When I picked up the paper today, little did I know that a particular news piece would set my thoughts racing.

The news piece that I am referring to, is a story about Lt. Navdeep Singh- a 26 yr old gentleman, who died serving his nation. 26. Is that an age to die? What motivates brave men like him to sacrifice themselves in the name of the country?

I had read in a book a few days ago, that the driving desire in every man is that of self preservation. How do men like him conquer this desire?
Major Sandeep Unnikrishan and Havaldar Ganjendra Singh are two such brave men. They died in valor, in a hail of bullets as they battled terrorists. Apart from the medals that are conferred upon these men, is there any other way in which their sacrifices can be made worthwhile? I, for one, feel that the sacrifices of such great men are being taken for granted.

I tried to understand what these gentlemen have died for. Have they died for an over populated nation; filled with corrupt bureaucrats and politicians; a nation that has so much potential and yet remains a third world nation; a nation where the common man feels the burden of every economic phenomenon and the high and mighty get away scot-free.

This is surely what they didn’t die for. They died for selfless love for their nation, a sense of duty and responsibility towards their nation and the pride that they felt for being Indian. They died in the hope that our coming generations will surely see a country that’s economically stable, has less corruption, more transparency and is governed by young leaders who have the ability to look beyond their personal gains and petty politics and are governed by a strong sense of civic responsibility.

Everyday, such brave men die serving our nation in the most selfless way and today, I close my eyes and say a silent prayer for their souls and pray to the almighty that may the sacrifices of these men motivate us common folk to build a better nation and to keep our hopes afloat in the most testing times. Amen.


~ by Shreeraj on September 6, 2011.

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